Orlando, FL


About C&H Painting, LLC

We are a family business we pride ourselves on doing hard work and I would like to tell you a little about us.

My wife and I met at a church dance. I was born in Defiance Ohio My wife was born to Medellin Colombia. When we meet my wife did not speak English and I did not speak Spanish. Now you’re probably thinking how does that work? Well actually it ended up working out great. In the beginning we had to use handheld translators to communicate back and forth. There was one particular day I remember and that is the day I asked her what kind of work did you do in Columbia. She typed back in the translator “mechanic”, I then typed that the translator is wrong try again. She typed back motorcycle mechanic for Kawasaki 14 years.

She didn’t know I had three Harleys in my garage. I got up and motioned for her to follow me. When she saw the motorcycle she was very surprised! I ask her if she would like to go for a ride and she smiled and said yes. I backed up two motorcycles and we went for a ride. Somewhere on that ride we fell in love. And the rest is history and that is how we came to be. We then got married and had 2 beautiful daughters.

Although we do not get enough time to ride much anymore, we did promise each other that we will return to riding as soon as our little girls are all grown up.

We’re now working together to build our business together for our future. But I remember when the economy was getting bad. I was trying to reassure her everything was going to be okay, that there would be better days to come. She looked at me and said as long as we’re together and the family’s together everything is okay. I felt like someone had given me 1 million bucks. So if you want to know about us and what we’re about that’s what we’re about family love commitment hard work good old-fashioned American value.